I have a Nex 6, although I managed to use the photo transfers from my camera to my computer initially, I am having trouble doing this process now. My camera is giving me the message "Connected to the access point. Cannot connect to the computer to be saved". Can someone help please!

  • What troubleshooting have you tried? It sounds like you are using the Sony downloader software, if that is true please state that explicitly in your question. Is your computer a laptop? Desktop? Mac? PC? No one can help you with the little bit of info you've provided.
    – Beartech
    Dec 3, 2015 at 6:47

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To me it sounds more of a technical problem unrelated to actual photography, so places like SuperUser might yield more/better answers.

Having said that, my initial guesses would be that the target computer is not connected to the same WiFi, or not reachable from there due to a firewall, for example. Another thought might be that whichever software running on the target computer, that accepts the images, might be switched off — I don't know if the Nex 6 uses some form of service, or a program you have to start manually, or uses normal windows file shares. In case of the latter, it might be removed, or the access rights revoked.

I wish I could give more specific information, but not having experience with that WiFi transfer system there, I cannot "home in" better on the causes.


You don't say if it's a Mac or PC, and this question is old. But if someone with a Mac comes looking for an answer, here is one possibility:

When you download pictures using the included Sony Downloader software for the NEX when it is done it shows a little popup with some buttons that will do things like open the folder where your photos were downloaded to. You have to close that popup before another download can happen.

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