I use Oloneo HDRengine to process bracketed photos into HDR images.

I am often left with a halo around objects against the background of the sky.

If I am happy with the rest of the image, is there a method for removing the halo (from the sky, for example)?

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I ended up copying one of the mid-tone bracketed images into the bottom layer, and masked out the sky of the HDR image on the layer above it. Looks okay.


Cloning the original is certainly one way to do it, but really the best option (IMHO) is to get the look that you're happy with in post. I don't know about HDREngine, but certainly with Photomatix Pro, that I use, there are lots of sliders and settings for exactly how the image should be processed. I believe that microcontrast is the main culprit for the halo you describe. If you can, try reducing that slider to see how it affects your image :)

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