I have a Nikon CoolPix L26 digital camera and am using the rechargable battery that came along with it. It is a 1.2V / 2100 mAH battery (Infinite brand)

Even when I fully recharge the battery and use it with my camera, I can hardly use it.

The camera just switches ON and turns OFF within 2-3 seconds.

Is there something wrong with the battery? I am beginning to worry about the mAH specs...Do I need still higher mAH battery ?


The problem may be the voltage rather than the mAH. A standard AA is 1.5 volts. If your battery is only providing 1.2 volts, it may be insufficient voltage for the circuitry to operate on.


You could always test the camera with a fresh pair of AA alkaline batteries. If the camera operates fine in that scenario, then the problem is most likely the batteries that came with your camera. If the camera still demonstrates the issue, then something else is going on.

Assuming the camera is okay, I would try another set of rechargeable batteries, preferably made by a major manufacturer. With AA batteries there are just too many generics out there that don't perform as well. Just because a battery is rated at 2100 mAh doesn't mean it is performing at 2100 mAh! And even the best rechargeable batteries have a limited life cycle and will eventually need to be replaced. Be sure to follow recommended practice and charge a new set the first time for at least 6-8 hours, even if the light on the charger indicates it is fully charged after a couple of hours. It takes several charge/discharge cycles for most types of rechargeable batteries to reach full capacity.

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