I am trying to set up the ability of my Windows machine to run Lightroom and access the photos that I have stored on my iMac.

I have the main lightroom catalog on the iMac, not shared, and I'm saving metadata information to sidecar files.

I have shared the main folder of my user on the iMac to the network, and I am able to connect to it from my Windows machine and both read, write, and delete files just fine through Windows explorer.

To clarify:

  • I am not sharing the catalog in any way
  • I want to share only the photo files (.CR2, .XMP, .JPG)

My photos are stored under ~/Pictures on the iMac.

I then fire up Lightroom on my Windows machine, and add a folder to \\imac\lassevk\Pictures, this seems fine.

But, 0 photos. Right-click and select Synchronize gives me this dialog:

synchronize folder in lightroom

Is what I'm trying to do impossible?

If it matters:

  • OS X Mavericks
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit
  • Lightroom 5.3 64-bit

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I ended up installing SMBUp and dropped the built-in SMB system that Apple has created, apparently it doesn't implement all the protocols and functions necessary, so file enumeration is a bit flaky.

With SMBUp, Lightroom on Windows is now importing images as expected.


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