I am sending my lightroom images in small groups to be edited in photoshop. I'm selecting to edit the original image. When I save the image (jpg) in photoshop, only some of the images in lightroom from the batch are updated. If I go into the develop mode in Lightroom I can see the changes there but can't seem to get the changes in the library part. I end up having to individually go back into editing the pics I've already edited in photoshop again, it comes up straight away with the final look and I make a small change, save it and the changes then translate to lightroom library. It seems like a bug between lightroom and photoshop. Any ideas anyone? it's very annoying! thanks, Nikki

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    What version of Lightroom and Photoshop are you using? Oct 2, 2013 at 15:28

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Metadata is not updated instantaneously. Also, folders are not continuously being scanned. Do all your changes, then do a manual synchronization on the folder.

Also, enabling maximal compatibility mode in Photoshop might help.


It sounds like Lightroom is not seeing the updates you are making in Photoshop right away, here is my workflow that has worked 100% of the time for me. I am using Photoshop CC and Lightrtoom 5 but it also worked perfectly with Photoshop CS6 and all previous versions of Lightroom.

  1. In Lightroom right-click the image I want to edit in Photoshop "Edit > Edit In Adobe Photoshop"
  2. I edit the file in Photoshop then use command+s to save the file. It is important to not save the file using "save as" or saving it as a different name or file format. WIth my preference it is saved as a "PSD" file with a name like "originalname-Edit.psd"
  3. Then I close the file in Photoshop and go back to Lightroom By the time I get back to Lightroom the edited picture is there for further Lightroom editing.

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