What are some good forums for talking about editing photos in Photoshop or GIMP? Where do you talk about such things?

EDIT: Other than here, of course.

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Completely agree with jrista, but assuming you meant "other than this cool place", I like dgrin's "Finishing School" subforum.

  • Hm, that looks good indeed. :)
    – dieki
    Jul 16, 2010 at 17:57

Well, I would recommend this site first. ;) Discussing the editing and post-processing of photos is one of the primary purposes of this site, and as a strong support here, I can't help but promote it. It may be rather slim right now, but given the overall success of StackExchange sites, I do not doubt that this site can become one of, if not the, top resource on the Internet for photography and photographic editing questions.

  • 2
    Especially since the software is so much better than typical forum software. If the community and content can rise to the level of quality of the software and keep growing, I'd be shocked if it doesn't turn up top answers in Google all the time, a year from now. Wow this is getting Meta-ish. Jul 16, 2010 at 18:10

For starters I would visit:
- Adobe Photoshop forum
- Gimp forum

But, +1 for @jrista's suggestion... this is the spot :)

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