I'm got a batch of printed photos which I am scanning to store a digital copy of and possibly enlarge them for printing.

I've scanned them at the maximum quality (600DPI) and saved it with the least amount of compression as possible (.tiff). When I open it up in photoshop and zoom in closely, I notice that the parts which should be a solid colour is in fact not a solid colour. The photo looks like this:"Discoloured" image - Notice how the blacks isn't exactly black - it's got this "rainbowing" effect

What would be the best course of action to try and "solidify" the colour? I've tried going over the area with a brush with opacity set to ~12%, but obviously this did not work very well.


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That's noise. Mostly color noise. You can remove that in Camera Raw using the Luminance and Color Noise reduction sliders

enter image description here


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