I have a Windows 8 PC and my Nikon D3100 isn't showing up on it. It says USB device not recognized. I have updated the USB drivers, but no joy. Sadly, i don't have the disc that came with it.


You do not need the disk that came with it - it SHOULD be recognised as a mass storage device or a camera by the OS.

Check list:

  • Plug camera into computer, turn on camera
  • Does your computer do ANYTHING? any sounds, movement, anything show up in My Computer?
  • check under "My Devices", nothing there?
  • try a different cable
  • Try the camera on a different computer
  • do OTHER usb devices work in the same port ok?
  • look in Device Manager (wherever that is in 8) is there a device with a ! next to it?

if the camera is not detected by ANY computer with a known working cable, take it back to the shop.

  • Thanks for the information guys.. i figures it was my computer! Aug 18 '13 at 14:39

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