I'm very unfamiliar about color chemistry at all. I use different films and developers for my needs in B&W. There is only one constant is my workflow. I always use:

  • Ilford Ilfostop Indicator stop bath which is originally orange when concentrated and yellow when diluted
  • Ilford Rapid Fixer is transparent but I suppose some amount of stop bath mixed into fixer

Recently I decided to wash out some silver from my very old spoiled color films with outdeveloping them. I've just put my films to black and white fixer.

Unexpectedly fixer changed it's color to purple. So I'm but surprised about this:) What may root cause of this? Is it stop bath indicator reaction on color film or just washed dye?

Main question Is my fixer still usable? I know fixers are very resistant to pollution by other chemistry.



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How purple is it?

Indicator stop solution will turn purple when it's used up, i.e. when the pH gets above a certain threshold. It sounds like some of the stop bath found its way into your fixer and changed color due to the higher pH of the fixer.


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