I'm reading the Strobist 101 lighting technique tutorial. Very useful and interesting. I was wondering if there is an even more detailed lighting tutorial on the web, with more images and examples.

Did anybody find anything?

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If you want a more detailed tutorial after strobist 101 you should probably look into Strobist lighting 102


The best place to go after Strobist 101 is Strobist 102, then on to the individual articles at Strobist.blogspot.com. It really is the best source on the web for off-camera flash.

The sheer number of articles, and the varied situations and techniques can be daunting, but I think that is the entire point if you're trying to get really creative with light. Use the light to communicate your vision for each photo or set of photos, and resist the urge to get in a rut of lighting everything exactly the same. That isn't to say you can't find a feel or look that becomes yours, but sometimes it takes different lighting to get the same look in different shooting conditions with different subject matter.

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