I noticed that sometimes my 5DMIII takes two shots as opposed to one (in single shooting mode). I'm not saying this happens all the times; in fact, it happened two or three times (top) in one month (and a few thousand shots).

Did anyone else have a similar issue?


If you are holding it half way, it is a pretty soft press between a half way press and a full press. Personally, I always use mine in one of the continuous drive modes, but I've had times when I've had it go off prematurely while I was adjusting focus or metering as a result of how light the second stage trigger is.

If you have a light touch, I'd hazard you are actually pressing it twice as a result of the camera shake from the mirror movement. If you could reproduce it more often, you could try shooting with mirror lockup and see if that prevents it from occurring.


Be sure you are selecting the Single shooting option in the Drive mode setting rather than the One-Shot AF option in the AF mode setting. When the AF mode is set to One Shot, the camera can still fire continuously. With One Shot AF once focus is achieved the focus will lock until the shutter is released or the half-press is released.


It could be that there is something underneath the button (like dirt/condensation) that is causing the camera to fire more than once from time to time.

I should add that the MkIII has a very sensitive trigger and that I've bumped it several times accidentally and gotten off bursts of shots even in single fire mode.

As dpollitt has suggested above, more than one person is experiencing this albeit with 1D's and 7D's...

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