For a panorama, I created more than a hundred images with my Panasonic Lunix DMC FZ5, with 6mm focal length (35mm equivalent: 36mm). I want to import these images into ICE, to create a panorama.

The images have noticeable barrel distortion, and I could easily correct that with PTLens. Is prior correction with PTLens a good idea? Does ICE perhaps have a lens database itself and also do the correction? (I want to avoid double correction, naturally)

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No, MS ICE does not have a lens database AFAIK. It really does not matter much since it has to distort the images to make features match and perform blending. In my experience success is generally high but not perfect. I would try straight with ICE first because any processing you do before hand always adds image quality loss. If it fails, then try it after correcting. Remember that when correcting barrel distortion you loose part of the image, so there will be less overlap for MS ICE to work with.

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  • Thanks for the suggestions! I did the panorama already, and I ran images through PTLens prior to that. The result is OK, though not perfect, but that's most likely due to parallax error. I only had a simple travel tripod with a head that doesn't go all the way around, and so I had to move the tripod when shooting. I believe, I know to do things better next time. It was just an experiment. – feklee Apr 28 '13 at 14:59

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