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This is an awesome site. I've been on here the past few days and am really enjoying reading the questions and suggestions, and have conjured up the bravery to ask a question myself.

I bought a Canon T2i off of a friend last year for a decent amount of money, and I've really enjoyed playing with and using it. My girlfriend is into fashion and has her own blog and stuff, so I take photos for her. I'm also thinking of taking photos for my university's yearbook next year and stuff like that, and so am hoping to pick up a couple of accessories over the summer.

When I bought the camera, I received the T2i body, the standard EF-S 18-55mm lens, three batteries (one legitimate Canon, two knock-offs), and a Canon battery grip and a charger.

I'm wondering what accessories I should look into adding over the summer. I think my biggest priority is adding a lens to my collection, as well as a tripod, and perhaps some other things. As a college student, I am really looking to make this as affordable as possible.

I'm up for suggestions of any sort. I'm by no means a professional, or even very good, but I would like to think of myself as a budding enthusiast who is really looking to hone his photography skills.

Thank you once again. You guys are awesome, keep it up!

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