I keep seeing the term "workflow" in relation to post-processing being used here and on other sites. What does it actually mean though?

To me it sounds like it means you do A, then B, then C every time you edit a photo. But that seems strange: no two edits are alike for me and I do find that I do certain things across most photos.

So what does "Workflow" mean?

And can someone provide an example "workflow"?


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In this particular situation "Workflow" is less the particular series of edits you apply to a photo and more the entire process from capture -> output.

So things to consider in workflow would be:

  1. Capture RAW
  2. Import, organize, modify metadata, etc in Lightroom
  3. Open to Photoshop for aggressive editing
  4. Backup to external storage offsite
  5. Export to disk and share to Your Photosharing Site

And this 'workflow' might be different if you shoot JPG, or if you shoot weddings vs portraits, or if you shoot with multiple cameras or if you print, etc


Photography workflow can mean multiple different things, depending on the context and scope.

One could describe the workflow for post-processing, for digital asset management, for image capture, and so forth. Most typically workflow can be described as the steps taken from the image capture to publishing or archival.

Since different workflows can be very complex, it simply doesn't do it justice here to describe one in short detail. Not only that, but workflows are highly dependent on your circumstances and needs, and thus are very individualized.

Here are some examples of very well thought out complex photography workflows:

Two texts I will refer you to that can help you to create your own workflow go into much more detail then you can find on any website that I am familiar with:

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