I have a huge Aperture 3 library that will not open, giving the following message:

Verify that you have iPhoto 9.4 or later. Then open the library in iPhoto to upgrade it..

It is not set as my default Aperture library, so every time I try to access the first aid tools via option + control during launch dose only show the first aid options for the default library.

How can I open the external library with the first aid options?


I'm not an Aperture user, but it appears that if, instead of opening Aperture and having that load your default library, you can instead double-click on that external library (while holding Command and Option keys) and it should open that library with first aid.

That's what I gather from this article - Repairing and Rebuilding Your Aperture Library

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  • I tried that - but somehow I can't get Aperture to open the first aid menu. I press cmd + alt before and during I click on the library I want to repair. The only thing that happens is that finder closes the current window and Aperture starts regularly. – wowpatrick Mar 5 '13 at 10:45

Hold down Option (only) as you open Aperture to display a list of the libraries known by the app.

Single click the affected library if it is in the list or browse for it with the appropriate button, but hold Command+Option as you click the Open button to access the recovery tools.

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