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What are the major differences between these camera series by Canon?

I want to upgrade my Canon Rebel T2i and get a new Canon. Something that is a little more powerful, but that won't break the bank.

I also have purchased a handful of lenses for the T2i. Will I able to use them on my new camera.

Any suggestions?


You need to decide what, exactly, you don't like about your current body. The obvious current upgrades are the T4i, 60D, 7D and then the expensive bodies.

another key question is when do you want to do the upgrades. Many folks expect a 70D and 7Dmark 2 to be announced in the next month or two, and be available this summer. Expect them to be better and more expensive than the 60D and current 7D. So a lot depends on how much you want to spend.

Do you already have a 50mm F1.4? How about the EFS 17-55 F2.8? Both of these will upgrade your current body.

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