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How can I backup my RAW photos while travelling without Internet access?

Disclaimer: long question.

While this covers the grounds of this question I would like updated awnsers, since some of the devices listed there are not available any longer. FUrthermore I would like to get some more information on the devices themselve and the experience you made with them.

The basic situation:

  • need to backup pictures on the go without a laptop/netbook/smartphone
  • would like the solution to be powergrid independent (battery powerable)
  • have a lumix g camera and shoot raw => picturereviewing only valuable if rw2 format capable
  • would like to have some visual confirmation of backup/copying success, since I might reuse my memory cards for further shooting (=> backup becomes only copy)
  • need SDHC card slot
  • weight is an issue
  • looked for usb bridges/usb on the go devices but they seem to have stopped those back in 2010.

For some of the devices I consider I did not find the manufacturers site, so I have only lacking amazon product descriptions. I would like to have the links to the datasheets/usermanual were I could not find them, know if the device supports rw2 (maybe list other raw formats for owners of different cameras?), supports creation of subfolders (not that important), and upsides/downsides.

The devices [1]

Nexto ND2730 manufacturer: Nexto, datasheet

  • Raw formats: rw2, cr2, nef, arw
  • Card formats: sdhc, sd, sdxc, cf
  • Transfer/Charge: ??
  • HDD: Choose yourself
  • Filemanagement: ???
  • weight 130g + hdd
  • price: 215€ + hdd

VOSONIC VP8870 [manufacturer: Istego??], [datasheeet??]

  • Raw formats: nef and ???
  • Card formats: sdhc and ???
  • Transfer/Charge: 40GB
  • HDD: 160 -1000GB, here 500GB version
  • Filemanagement: move/copy/folder
  • weight: 327g
  • price: 415€

DOWNSIDE:As of writing this I can't reach the manufacturers page (a Docma article suggests that the manufacturer is called istego, and google suggests they are out of buisness, can anyone confirm this?)

HyperDrive COLORSPACE UDMA2 manufacturer: hyperdrive, [datasheeet??]

  • Raw formats: ???
  • Card formats: sdhc, sd, cf, sdxc, mmc
  • Transfer/Charge: 250GB
  • HDD: 160 -1000GB
  • Filemanagement: move/copy/folder
  • weight: ???
  • price: 267€ + hdd

UPSIDE: Mediaplayer included

PiCPacII manufacturer: Wolverine, [datasheeet??]

  • Raw formats: none
  • Card formats: sdhc, sd,, micro sd, cf, sdxc, mmc
  • Transfer/Charge: ???
  • HDD: 160 -500GB, here 500Gb
  • Filemanagement: none
  • weight: 220g
  • price: $189.99 (presumably plus tax and customs)

DOWNSIDE: No picture/folderpreview only a message telling you the copy is done, heared about bad reviews.


  1. Do you own such a device and can you recommend it or not?
  2. Do you know more about the features of such a device (Can you create folders,does it support rw2/Link to a datasheet)?

[1] datasheet or manufacturer page with detailed information, prices are for germany (geizhals.de) and might be outdated, all information without waranty


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