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How to get a miniature effect on pictures without special equipment?

Miniature faking can be done in post-processing using in-camera software, other software, or sites like tiltshiftmaker.com. Are there any major limitations to this approach compared with using a tilt-shift lens? Can you achieve all the miniature effects that you get with a tilt-shift lens with a software?


Technically the best way to do a fake miniature is in post production by creating a full depth map of the scene. The online apps apply a simple linear depth map which can look fake as the top of an object can appear a different depth from the base.

Tilt shift lenses provide a more realistic blur, however the amount and of blur is still not consistent with a real miniature scene.

Ultimately it's up to the photographer which they prefer the look of, and which they would rather do - more work taking the photo, or more work in post production.


Personally i think its quite obvious when its a digital effect as opposed to a real image, raw through a lens.

2 reasons: 1: The 'blur' is digital, it doesnt know the distance of the actual subjects - therefore it applies a set blur to the frame varied by its vertical orientation in the frame. A real lens blurs more distant objects more than closer ones, no matter where they are in the frame.

2: these filters often apply a LOT of saturation to the shot - which looks un-natural, however i think thats the point. |

Also, A real tilt-shift lens in in-fact designed to keep angled objects IN focus!

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