Is it possible to do remote capture on a Canon EOS DSLR? I have an infra-red remote, but when I connect the camera to the PC via USB I only get the option to download pictures from it.

I'm a pretty proficient Windows user, currently on XP, Vista or Win7 depending on which machine I use. The laptop is Win7, so any information with a bias in that direction would be most appreciated. :)


If you're on Windows, then you'd use the "EOS Utility" application (which you can download from Canon if you haven't already got it).

This application supports:

  • Functions for downloading and displaying images
  • Remote shooting, and camera control of each setting when an EOS DIGITAL camera is connected to a computer
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As others have said, if you use Windows or Mac OS-X, then you can use the EOS Capture utility which is part of Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) - You can install this from one of the disks that came with your camera, and then update it from here.

An alternative, if you're a Lightroom 3 user, would be to do the tethered capture from within Lr itself, since the EOS 400D is a supported camera.

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On Linux or MacOS, you could try using gphoto2, which definitely supports the 400D.

See, for instance, this guide to creating timelapse movies using gphoto2

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I've tried the evaluation copy of DSLR Remote on two different still projects and it's really great. A simple but functional application.

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