I used to keyword all my photos with the "Where?" keywords so that I easily could find photos from a certain location. But with the arrival of Lightroom 4 geotagging and reverse geocoding has become a great and efficient option.

My question is if there is any reason why I should continue using location keywords (in usual keywords field) anymore or if geocoding is enough.

Any thoughts?


For your own purposes, the geolocation features might serve well to help you "locate" your photos. Consider export, however... if you're sharing those photos elsewhere and that venue doesn't have a geolocation search, folks might be searching for keywords.

Let's say you have a bunch of great images of your city and you put them online... if folks search for your city by keyword, will they find them?

  • That's what I was afraid of. So it's best to assume that most on line photo sharing services won't let users search by the IPTC location fields but only the "standard" keywords field? – Vanni Jul 30 '12 at 8:08

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