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How can I backup my RAW photos while travelling without Internet access?

I need storage device which is able to read CF cards and make a backup of my photos while traveling. I do not want to carry laptop (it's bulky) and tablet (too little storage) but looking into some other solutions.

So far I found:

  • Epson PXXXX - price is blocker for me
  • Jobo Giga Vu - same as above
  • Nexto DI - bit better, but still a lot
  • Hyperdrive Colorspace UDMA - this looks the best for price/options
  • Wolwerine PicPac - cheap, bad opinions
  • DigitalFoci PhotoSafe - same as above
  • Ex-Pro® Picture 2 Drive - didn't find much about it

So ladys & gents what do you use?