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Recommendations for time-lapse photography software

I have a ContourROAM camera which I want to use to do some time-lapse work. What is some software I could use to stitch together the thousands of photos that are produced by the cam into a time-lapse? I know there are probably "work-around" ways of doing it in iMovie or something, but are there any easy, no-hassle apps designed to do just that? Thanks!


Three options:

If you want something simple and dedicated to the task for Mac, then Time Lapse Assembler is probably it.

If you are not afraid of the Terminal and running command line apps inside it, then FFmpeg is the best and most powerful.

If you have QuickTime 7 Pro you can open the sequence via the File|Open Image Sequence, then save a reference QuickTime movie that you can import into the editor of your choice (iMovie, FCP, Premiere, etc.) to add sound, titles and effects.

I hope this helps.


If you have Windows, use Windows Live Movie Maker. If you have Mac, use iMovie. You don't have to download or buy anything else. These two are more than enough.

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