Google Maps are horribly outdated in my area. Is there any way to use a different map source, e.g. OpenStreetMap, inside Lightroom 4's map module?


I don't know of any way to modify the way that Lightroom itself displays the map. But Google Maps apparently allows you to make changes and fix errors.

An alternative is to use Jeffrey Friedl's GPS plugin for Lightroom which does allow you to use some other mapping sources, in a limited way.

  • Looks like a cannot add new buildings, though. – Erik Apr 19 '12 at 20:39

As far as I know, no you can't do this.


I miss some info. Do you use a GPS-tracker?

If yes, then there is absolutely no problem. Just link the GPS-data with your photos (and check the time before you start shooting on both the instruments). That is easy done in Lightroom.

If not, do yourself a favor and buy a GPS-tracker (I cannot imagine putting the photos on their spot by hand...).

Once your photos have GPS info embedded (EXIF), a lot of sites provides maps better than Google for the placements of your photos (Bing amazed me and right now Apple starts another small revolution in tracking). I discovered this via the site of y GPS-maker.

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