I am looking for a photo editor that offers to...

  • ...choose filters by comparing live previews, not via contextual menus
  • ...create panoramas by photo stitching
  • ...create HDR images

I would be nice if the last two features are partially automized, requiring the user to get final result in just a few steps.

Can you recommend software for Mac OSX which has all of the features?

  • Not really a full answer, but for creating nice-looking HDR images (admittedly without much control), I really like HDRtist (ohanaware.com/hdrtist) – Chinmay Kanchi Dec 31 '12 at 23:25

Its hard to choose a piece of software that comes close to what you want with all that under the bonnet and does it well...

The closest thing I can come up with is Adobe Photoshop with a commecial plugin Nik Software Color Efex Pro - Photoshop has a photo merge capability and a HDR capability with full automation via actions - not as good as specific standalone software.

But even still, I am combining a single piece of software and a plugin... not strictly one piece of software

I have had experience with Color Efex Pro and it is very good. But doesn't do anything you can't do with Photoshop if you know how. However It does give you a side by side preview of filters and effects, which I find very nice.

If it were me though, I would have seperate software

  • Kolor AutoPano (for panoramas)
  • PhotoMatix (for HDR)
  • Adobe Photoshop (with Color Efex Pro) or Lightroom for post-pro
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+1 for Adobe Photoshop.

  1. Panoramas are easily created automatically
  2. HDR too can be automatically created. Bonus: Can be created with single JPEG image too.
  3. Lot of filters are present, not sure what your exact requirement is though.
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