I have few photos in portrait mode. I wish to make a good wallpaper by removing the background and applying various photoshop techniques.

Can you please suggest me few tutorials or ideas to make a good wallpaper?


A good wallpaper usually has an excellent use of "negative space". What I meant is that it is usually mostly empty and only a small area has any real content in it. The rest are left with lines/colors/empty.

Now, the placement of the main object is also important. The easiest is always to put it in the middle, but depending on the object itself, other placements may yield a more attractive result.

Here are some examples from Smashing Magazine.


Check out http://www.mandolux.com/ for some amazing ideas.

  • This appears to have a single image in 4 sections, I guess for use on multiple monitors? – MikeW Feb 18 '12 at 6:37

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