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What are the key things to think about when photographing jewelry?

I have some shiny stone studded bangles and diamond rings.
I want to capture both the "sparkle" as well as the "fine details" of the rings and the bangles at the same time.

The problem is that to get the sparkle, I raise the shutter speed which darkens the total scene, and thanks to the zoom lens the aperture can't be lowered beyond 5.6 (in my point and shoot camera with noisy ISO).

In overall, it gets all dark.

How to photograph sparkling jewelery? Which lights to use in which way?

Even if I get a 1.4F prime lens will that be enough? Or is there some factor which needs to be taken care of?

Also, I want the fine details of the ring design preserved, so won't 1.4F be a problem?

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