I have a Cannon Rebel XTi. I'm not sure if Cannon has released a series of EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens) cameras yet, but if not it's inevitable given their comeuppance in the market.

I am wondering if the lenses I own for my XTi will be interchangeable with an EVIL body, if I will need an adapter, or if I should be saving my pennies for new lenses?


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If Canon was to release a mirrorless body and wished to support the EF/EF-S lenses on it, it would require an adapter because the registration distance will have changed. Basically, the gain with mirrorless is a thinner body, so the optical construction of current Canon lenses wouldn't work for it out of the box.


Until Canon release a mirrorless body, there will be no way of knowing if it will support EF or EF-S lenses.

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