All the popular radio TTL flash triggers, like PocketWizard or RadioPopper, seem to be only available in Nikon and Canon flavors. Are there any models capable of transmitting Pentax P-TTL data?



This radio trigger appears to support P-TTL and high-speed sync.

I found this in this dpreview forum thread: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1036&message=40799541&changemode=1

See also http://www.lightingrumours.com/aokatec-ttl-trigger-for-nikon-canon-sony-pentax-1875.

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  • A review reveals it's a clever solution converting optical commands into radio signal and then back to optical. – Imre Sep 6 '12 at 6:37

The following radio-based flash triggering systems can communicate TTL for Pentax:

  • The Cactus X-TTL system with their V6II/IIs triggers can give you remote power control over TTL Pentax flashes, HSS sympathy triggering, and full TTL passthrough to an on-camera flash mounted on top of the trigger, as well as P-TTL with remote flashes.

  • Phottix's Odin II triggers.

  • Godox has an XPro-P transmitter that offers P-TTL compatibility with the Godox X system. At this time (Nov 2018) however, only the AD600, AD600 Pro, AD400 Pro, AD200, V860II, and TT350-P are P-TTL compatible; and all but the AD400 Pro and TT350-P require a firmware update. The AD360II and TT685 do not yet have firmware updates for P-TTL compatibility. The AD360II does not (at this time) support HSS; but the AD Witstro lights, 2.4GHz speedlights, and XTR16/XTR16s receivers do.

  • The Aokatec AK-TTL works something like a poor man's RadioPopper—it takes the light signals used by Pentax's wireless flash system and turns them into radio signals then translates back out the other end.

  • The Acon R930 seems to be using the hotshoe protocol to communicate TTL, since it uses all the pins/contacts on the flash hotshoe, but bridged over radio, but doesn't look widely available.

  • The Conanmark ABC TTL radio triggers have a Pentax version, but it doesn't look like it's widely available.

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