How can I take a self-portrait without using a remote?

My camera is a Canon Powershot SX210 IS. I do not have a remote, but I do have a tripod.

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A timer. Your camera should have a timer. In fact your camera should have what it calls a 'FaceSelf-Timer' I believe.

In general, with a timer - you set you camera to take a picture after a predetermined set of time (like 2 or 10 seconds). You press the button, hop in front of the camera, and it takes the picture after the number of seconds.

A'FaceSelf-Timer', a Canon feature, takes a picture a number of seconds (2 I believe) after it detects your face. So you the camera in that mode, press the button, hop in front of the camera, it takes your picture two seconds after it detects your face.

Some general self portrait tips can be found here and here.

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You may be able to "tether" your camera to your computer and control it that way... including snapping the shutter.

Not every camera will do this though.


A Mirror can help you produced some interesting shots.
There's nothing that says "I'm a photographer" better than a shot of you taking a picture :)

... Obviously, you'll probably be covering part of your face, so might not be what you want, but it's worth trying.


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