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Suggestions for shared cross-platform photo management?

I am looking for photo management software that will work in the following environment:

  • Photos all stored in a central location on the NAS
  • Supports both Mac and Windows clients
  • Recognizes changes made (i.e. my wife uploads photos and creates an album on her Mac and it will show up next time I open the photo manager on my windows laptop)
  • I am okay with it being a single user environment (i.e. we both can't be in the photo manager making changes at the same time)

Picasa doesn't seem to support this setup and I'm having a hard time finding a solution to what I thought would be a common software need.

I have looked at Lightroom, but it costs $299 and I understand I'd have to buy 2 licenses. Seems expensive when I'm really only doing very basic editing like what picasa supports.

Please help!