I have a Sony A73 with a 'full-spectrum' sensor filter conversion. There are several ways to use this. For now, I am set up for three:

  1. Ordinary visible light
  2. false color infrared
  3. b&w infrared

I would like to quickly switch Adobe Camera Raw to the appropriate setup. I see that there is a concept of a per-camera default, but I find the UI in in Bridge/Camera Raw confusing; there seem to multiple concepts of 'profile', and further bridge's previews seem to be shown using some default or another in Camera Raw, and I don't know how or if that can be configured.


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Bridge previews are likely JPEGs embedded in raw file.

There is only a single concept of camera profile and it's a DCP profile located somewhere in Adobe's folders which you can override with something you yourself created.


enter image description here

If you want a preset (combination of Camera Raw parameters) that's another story.


enter image description here


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