I took a photograph with an iPhone 11 which has a light sensor issue. Due to that, the photograph is purple-ish and has a strange line in the top. Part of the photograph (the sky) depicting the phenomenon is shown below (I will not post here the whole photograph for privacy reasons):

enter image description here

By using phone's photograph editor I can in some way correct the color, but I cannot remove the line (see picture below). Do you know any simple tool that could easily remove such line (there is, for instance, Photoshop, but I would rather prefer to use an open-source software or one imbedded into a web browser)?

enter image description here

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With Gimp, you would just use the Clone tool to replicate an adjacent part of the image on the line.

enter image description here

There are more powerful tools (content aware fill) but they require plugins and may be overkill.

enter image description here

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