My Godox flash is giving me a cryptic error code on the LCD, but I can't figure out what it means. Is there a table or something that tells me how to interpret the error code?

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Not all the error codes are known, but in the TT685 II-C manual, I found the following table. With a little rewriting:

Code on LCD Description
E1 A failure occurred with recycling the flash and it cannot fire. If restarting the flash doesn't clear the problem, it needs to be serviced
E2 The flash has overheated. Wait at least 10 minutes for it to cool down.
E3 The voltage across the bulb connectors is abnormally high. The flash needs to be serviced.
E9 You loaded an incompatible firmware image for a different flash. You need to reload an image specifically meant for your device.

For Sony users with the WL circle/slash error: see Why is my Godox V860 III-S showing a weird WL/circle symbol?

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