Ive got many photographs shot against a similar background, ive got these photos saved as high res JPEGs.

My workflow is currently :

    1. import the photo into photoshop
    1. right click the background layer and create a smart object
    1. apply Camera Raw filter to the smart object
    1. create some quite complex masks in Camera Raw Filter and adjust various levels etc as required

The problem is that im doing all steps 1-4 on each photograph, step 4 takes the longest amount of time and where the photographs have a similar background it seems a waste of keep making the masks manually.

Is it possible to copy and paste and mask and its level settings etc from one photograph to another ?

Im running Photoshop 2023 on a Mac running MacOS 11.7


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It is possible to save the masks (and edits) and then load them into a new image or layer. If the masks are AI based like "select subject" they will rerun the auto selection process.

This is true for all programs that use ACR; although the process may be a bit different... I prefer to create a custom preset in Lightroom instead.

enter image description here


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