I've put a V860 III-S on my Sony camera, but when I try to use it in transmitter mode, I'm getting this weird icon on the LCD:

V860 III display showing a big WL with a slashed circle symbol

What does this mean?


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It means you need to turn WL off on your camera to use the V860 III-S as an on-camera transmitter unit.

The WL setting is for Sony's own proprietary "smart" optical/radio system signalling. That's not Godox's system. Godox is basically hijacking the on-camera hotshoe communication and turning it into their own radio signalling.

It's counterintuitive, but with most 3rd-party radio flash gear, you have to turn off any wireless flash settings in the camera and have the transmitter on the hotshoe treated as if it were an on-camera speedlight.

The exception is if you shoot a Canon camera, since it's usually their proprietary wireless flash systems that's been reverse-engineered to create the 3rd party gear, and the 3rd-party gear can fake the communication the camera's expecting with its own-brand wireless flash gear.

IOW, on a non-Canon body, turn any wireless flash settings off. On a Canon body, you can use the in-body wireless flash settings.

See also: My Godox flash won't fire off-camera. What should I check?

  • \$\begingroup\$ On the other end, If there's a receiver attached to the off-camera flash, the flash needs to be set as if it is on the camera's hot shoe, because the receiver is trying to fool the flash into thinking the receiver is the camera. If the flash is set to wireless, it will be ignoring the hot foot and listening (radio) or watching (optical) for a wireless signal. \$\endgroup\$
    – Michael C
    Nov 13, 2022 at 18:39

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