I walked past this incomplete negative enlarger [see images below] at a yard sale, and I impulsively picked it up for next to nothing. I would appreciate if anyone could help identify the model, and if possible what I would need to get it working.

Some observations:

  • The enlarger body itself has no markings that I can find. Some image Googling seem to suggest the make to be a Durst. Based on the size of the opening over the lens, 36mm, I'm guessing that the enlarger is for 135 film only, no medium format. Any ideas on the model?
  • It comes with a detachable EL-Nikkor 50 mm, f/4 lens.
  • It lacks the enlarger head. (I think that's the name for the piece that should go on top of the lens and hold the negative.) Do I need a very specific head, or will multiple different Durst heads work?
  • It's missing its base plate. If in a pinch, I could try to make one myself.

Full side view

Front view, missing head

Top view, the square hole to the lens is just under 36 mm wide.


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A Durst M300 35mm Black&White enlarger. Parts missing include- 1) Condenser box. 2) Film Negative holder. 3) Baseboard with pole bracket. It will not be prudent to spend money on finding parts. If you want an enlarger that works- look further. The parts you do have could be very useful- The lens might make a great copy lens (if you can find adapters for a camera mount). The Column with height winder makes a great copy stand- you would need a baseboard and bracket for the column. http://www.jollinger.com/photo/cam-coll/manuals/enlargers/durst/Durst_M300.pdf


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