I am looking to downgrade my D7000. I am only able to find version 1.05, to my knowledge. It is somewhat confusing, but I don't believe I am able to find 1.04. Does anyone have a reputable and/or reliable source for a D7000 version 1.04 firmware file?

  • IMHO you can't downgrade firmware (even if you get version 1.04) May 6 at 19:29
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    As with every other time this question gets asked here: why are you trying to downgrade your firmware?
    – Philip Kendall
    May 6 at 22:34
  • I'm a photographer in a country with very limited resources and I own a Nikon camera. As it's not nearly what I need, and I have quite limited resources, I do have to work on things on my own at times because there's not much made for places and people that still use old devices, work in strange conditions, and have very little resources for the gear that I ideally need for my work. May 7 at 20:14
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    Please describe which option will be "improved" if you donwgrade your firmware. May 8 at 18:09
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    Additionally - I have downraded my firmware in the past. If this is not the case for a D7500, then, fair, but that sadly does reflect what seems like Nikon, and many other company's departure from making products that are usable, modifiable, and reparable by people who live in conditions that make it prohibitive to take the options thjey present - more expensive gear, etc. etc. May 9 at 19:32

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It depends if your camera is a Nikon D7000 A or B version.

Follow the link for the download.

In the above link, depending on whether your camera is ver-A or ver-B, the firmware will automatically upgrade. Unfortunately, for ver-A cameras there is no option of 1.05, and for ver-B cameras, there is no option of 1.04. (At least not that I know of.)


Your most likely chance would be to join discussion groups dedicated to Nikon or even the Nikon D7000 at sites such as DP Review, on Flickr (do they still even have such groups?), Fred Miranda, etc. and ask the members there if anyone had a saved copy of the firmware version you are seeking.

If someone does have the file you're looking for you would need to get them to send it to you. Then you would need to weigh the risk of someone you do not know sending you a piece of possibly malicious software against the possible benefit of rolling your camera back to an older firmware version.

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