What software is best for adding gps data to photos from gps log i run on my android device?

I want to do as little manual labor as possible preferrably software does it all for me.

Look at photo timestamp Find entry in GPS log and copy gps location to image EXIF

Desired feature, if GPS log interval is set every five minutes and photo timestamp is somewhere in between this two gps timestamps, program should calculate the path between point A and point B and enter stamp photo with approximate GPS location between this points.


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Lightroom will take a bunch of photos and a .gpx file and tag all the photos with location. You select all the photos, then go to the map tab, load the tracklog and autotag the photos


I use GPSlogger. It starts and runs with the phone and will upload a GPS logfile to dropbox, google drive or a meriad of other options. You can find it via Fdroid, it is not in the playstore.

I have it set to renew the log monthly and upload every 3 hours. When I get home I upload my pics to the computer and then match them to their location using the file which usually has arrived by then.

  • GPSlogger never worked correctly while the phone was "just carried" (see github.com/mendhak/gpslogger/issues/916). I use Ape@map (Unsure it's available in non-German) to log the track, then I convert it to a simple format. I think exiftool can use the shooting date to add corresponding positions automatically, but I never tried that; instead I do it manually (in Lightroom).
    – U. Windl
    Sep 9, 2022 at 12:25

You can use Geotag software. You import the photos (from local storage), load logger file (it support GPX files) then you rightclick and set the location for one or all files. If you want you can lookup for city, country. I will recommend you to store information in XMP files and do not touch the RAW files.

For full compatibility check the project web site. And when you start with big logger files set maximum heap (this is java program) to at least 1024MB:

java -Xmx1024M -jar geotag-0.103.jar

BTW it is odd for me to set interval to 5 minutes, on my phone I use two different GPS loggers and for entire day any of them consume less than 10% of the batter with interval of 3 seconds.

Do not forget to sync the camera time to be as much as possible to GPS time and set proper timezone.


(This was going to be a comment)

The least amount of work is using a camera with GPS. These are widely available on the market (both used and new) and eliminate building a brittle kludge.

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