How to tile a 1:1 image 3 times horizontally, side-by-side 1:3, without having to manually calculate and type in 3 times the width of the original as a new file? And without being constrained to absolutely 3 times the width of the original, but fit to your own specified target width for the new 1:3 file so that they fit seamlessly, while retaining the target 1:3 aspect ratio?

Finally, how to instead tile the same image 9 times repeated in a 3:3 grid? Steps on how to do these in Photoshop or Darktable could helpful too.

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With Gimp

Computing sizes

In the Gimp entry fields for numbers, you can enter simple formulas. So you don't need to compute 1200*3 manually on the side, you just enter 1200*3 in the input field, and Gimp will set the field to 3600.

A special case of this is of course to do Image > Canvas size and add a *3 at the end of the horizontal/vertical size fields.

Replicating/tiling a picture

If the picture is under 1000*1000px:

  1. Create/open the target image, set its canvas size if necessary, add a layer if necessary, etc...
  2. In the "tile" picture, do Select > All, Edit > Copy to copy the picture to the clipboard
  3. In the Bucket-fill tool, set the options to:
    • Fill whole selection
    • Pattern fill
    • Click the pattern icon and select the "Clipboard" pattern (this is always the first in the list, so the top left corner in the mosaic of patterns)
    • Bucket-fill

Instead of creating a new image you can of course change the canvas size of the current one, copy the existing layer to the clipboard, add a new layer, make sure it is as big as the canvas, and then bucket-fill.

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