I am able to pair and trigger my canon 580EX without an issue using the camera shutter and the test button, but for the life of me the power on the flash will not change if i change it on my x2t-c. what could be wrong?

See below pictures of my flash, camera an trigger settings. settings on flash and receiver

settings on camera, canon eos r6

Any advice is appreciated because at this point, i am looking at getting a Godox flash just so i can work without hassle.


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The Canon 580EX is a very old flash that predates Canon’s introduction of the in-camera flash menu. If you use the 580EX in the your camera hot shoe, the in-camera flash menu will give you an error message. “this menu cannot be displayed. incompatible flash or flash's power is turned off"

enter image description here

Because of this I suspect the 580EX won't be fully compatible with the Godox X1R-C receiver. Godox reverse-engineered the hotshoe/camera menu communication protocol, so the X1R-C probably only has full compatibility with the flashes that can communicate with the Canon flash control menu. (430EX II, 580EX II, and later flash models, and RT flashes)

  • this may well be the case. guess its time for a new sppedlight. Thank you Mike Jan 11 at 4:45

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