I just picked up a Nikon FG until I realized it had an issue with the light meter. I know that I have to crank a few photos until the frame counter reaches one for the light meter to start, this is not the issue.

The problem seems a little random, sometimes the light meter is funky and only blinks 125 and 60 LEDs, and sometimes it works fine and reacts to the light coming from the subject I am pointing at.

I have noticed that the problem arises when I crank a new photo, if I do it very slowly I can see the LED corresponding to the shutter speed I selected blink on and off until I completely crank the photo. It seems to stay on until about halfway through the whole crank.

I have done my research and consulted the following articles at the bottom but I'm not sure if this would fix my issue. My guess is that the system activating this switch that causes issue is linked to the crank itself. So I am seeing two potential solutions:

  • Either do the tutorials I linked -> Which is bypass this switch and have the light meter ALWAYS on except on m90 mode
  • Investigate on the crank/switch system and see what exactly is going on



Does anyone have an idea or suggestion as to which solution would be the most appropriated? I kinda like this camera already despite its problem and I'd really like to fix it.

Thanks in advance

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    When you say, "Crank a few photos" or "When I crank a new photo", do you mean , "When I advance the film using the film advance lever"?
    – Michael C
    Jan 8 at 22:20

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