Using Creative Cloud Photoshop v 23.0.0

I am following a tutorial where the instructor is trying to install Color Themes by going to Window --> Extensions.

In my Photoshop version, I only have Extensions (legacy) which is disabled an Find Extensions on Exchange (legacy) on which I cannot find the Color Themes extension.

What is the proper way of installing Color Themes on Photoshop?

Thank you.

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    Hi and welcome to Photo.SE, feel free to take the tour! While this question is not strictly about photography (it's more of a software support question) I think it might be helpful to others. However, at the moment you don't show any research. I'm sure you've looked around and tried things before writing this question, could you perhaps edit your question and include what you've found so far? This prevents that others will suggest things you've tried (and which didn't work). Nov 30 '21 at 10:32

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