I'm looking for a general guide for public photography. Is there a set of regulations that applies to various kinds of locations? Any recommendations on where to go first to begin obtaining licenses in other countries?

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I believe you were given some indications when you posed the question; you can view them, but I will offer some instances for your convenience that have been covered in depth before.

Can I photograph people publicly, in the USA, without their consent?

Photography in public places: Is it allowed or needs permission

What are the laws in Australia surrounding photography in public places?

What are my legal rights when shooting a public event?

Additionally, your point. Beyond the obvious, I'm not sure what you're saying. The point is, You do need permission to enter someone's private property; that is true. That is a no-brainer, regardless of whether or not taking photographs is so unimportant to photography and is a universal action to avoid being shot.

Although it mostly concerns commercial photography, some information applies to everyone.



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