I have a bunch of pictures in RAW format (.CR2) taken with a Canon EOS 1100D.

When I view these files using Windows Photos app the images look great, however when exporting to JPEG using RawTherapee or Adobe Lightroom the quality is much worse then I expected.

The colors are much different and there are some artifacts on the edges where the different colors meet.

I've also tried exporting to PNG thinking it is the JPEG compression that's causing these issues but it has the same artifacts as the JPEG export.

Here's a screenshot from the RAW preview in Windows:

RAW image in Windows Photo app

And here's the exported file:

Exported JPEG

Any help with solving this issue would be much appreciated.


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When previewing the images in windows photos you are probably viewing the embedded jpeg images with default camera processing applied. If you used Canon's software, that can apply the camera's jpeg settings to the raw file, I suspect you would have much more consistent results.


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