The image capturing condition:

  1. dark room
  2. mobile phone with maximun screen brightness is in the center of the image
  3. there is a reddish band in horizontal direction

Does anyone know why the phenomenon appears?

enter image description here

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    What camera and lens are you using?
    – xiota
    Jun 30 at 9:47

That is a readout issue that can occur with CMOS sensors.

It is essentially the same thing as CCD "smear;" only in a horizontal direction rather than vertical, and CCD sensors are much more prone to it due to the difference in readout technologies.

It will only occur with a very high contrast source against a very dark BG, and usually only visible with exposure recover/pushing.


This is caused by saturation of the sensor. If the pixel well is overloaded, electrons leak in to neighboring pixels which causes the streak. A nice article that has a more in depth explanation.

  • That's a problem with CCD sensors. The article you mention refers to CCD, not CMOS.
    – xiota
    Jul 1 at 8:44
  • It is not pixel bloom (voltage leaking). And the streak is caused during readout (vertical interline shift w/ CCD, horizontal row readout w/ CMOS) Jul 1 at 14:10

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