I am looking for a simple setup of a decent inspection camera with an adjustable light. The light needs to come at an appropriate angle while the camera faces straight down on the metal frame. These fractures sometimes come up from screws getting tightened into the frame. It doesn't have to be a specific product but I am trying to find good options.

The other end of it needs to hook up in some way to a computer. I need to capture the image in a program, label it, and file it away for quality assurance. I know there are open standards for cameras and that may not be a big issue.

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    What is the finish/surface of those frames, how detailed picture you want of frames/cracks? Have you consider using some kind of defectoscope? Jun 25 at 15:05
  • I’m voting to close this question because it is about using a camera for for inspecting items in a production environment, rather than for the purpose of producing artistic, historical, or documentary photographs as the desired end result. (It's also a borderline request for product recommendations, which are specifically off-topic across the SE network.)
    – Michael C
    Jun 26 at 18:47
  • The described use fit perfectly in the "Documentary" purpose IMHO.
    – xenoid
    Jun 27 at 8:30
  • Do you move the camera to the metal frame or the metal frame to the camera? Otherwise high-end cameras (DSLR/"Mirroless", can be hooked to a PC from which you can 1) monitor what the camera sees and 2) change camera settings and 3) take pictures that are instalntly downloaded to the PC.
    – xenoid
    Jun 27 at 8:35
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    I have considered some microscope/cameras from amscope but on the cheaper end. Jun 28 at 11:52

A standard method to detects cracks and crazing is dye penetrant testing. To make tiny defects more clearly visible, ultraviolet penetrant dyes provide increased contrast.

You can can also increase contrast using optical filters on the camera lens, which is more effective than post-processing.

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