I just bought a Nikon D5100 and when I go to the info menu the MF (focus mode) is grey and it won't let me change out of Manual focus. I really need help thanks.

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    What lens is attached [with as much detail as you can]? If it has switches on the side, what are they set to? – Tetsujin Jun 10 at 7:19
  • On DSLR, the AF/MF switch is on the lens barrel, usually on the left side. Maybe you have a lens that doesn't support tmanual focusing. – xenoid Jun 10 at 7:23
  • @xenoid It seems more like it might be a lens that doesn't support autofocus, or at least not with a Nikon body that lacks an in-body AF motor. – Michael C Jun 10 at 7:35
  • @Yes, got it backwards – xenoid Jun 10 at 7:38

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