I am struggling with blurry text on product labels. My image is just on focus but I am not getting the labels to sharpen. What camera settings or lens do I need for?

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    Can you please upload 1-2 sample images that show the issue? That really makes it easier for people to give you a suitable answer. Additionally, could you describe what process you use to take the photos? I.e.: what settings did you use, do you use a tri-pod, what lighting do you use? Jun 7, 2021 at 11:11

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It is difficult to say without seeing your images.

First, see if the labels are actually well printed. Sometimes they have a print error where two colors making the text are not aligned.

From there see if:

  • You have enough resolution
  • It is not noise due to high ISO
  • The aperture is not too wide, try using F8 - F11.
  • You do not have motion blur, due to slow shutter speed, camera shake, lens stabilization.
  • If your lens is simply not capable of making sharp images.

And last you can apply some sharpening in post.


If you keep the aperture narrow in your camera setting when you are taking a photo of the product, you will be able to keep the entire object in focus. Along with this you can also use wide angle lens.

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