I am wanting to design a photo album/photo book, in which I put together different photos, some text, etc. and this become a multi-page document. I very much enjoy Canva which has useful tools such as dragging and dropping, easy swapping out of photos, resizing, and many good-looking templates. However I am looking for an offline, open source tool.

When I search for Linux software to do similar things, I mostly find tools that do "photo management" (tagging and tracking of files), or "photo editing" (modifying individual images). Maybe I am not using the right search terms.

Are there any available programs to create photo albums on Linux?

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    I’d recommend asking this on the software recommendations SE site. – Eric S May 29 at 13:26
  • Ah thanks. Should I somehow migrate this question? – user74934 May 29 at 14:57
  • Probably, but I don’t know how. – Eric S May 29 at 22:39
  • I too run Linux, but limiting yourself to an offline tool may not make sense unless you plan on printing and binding the album yourself. If not, you then have the issue of generating a compatible output from your offline tool for a printer. I think you'll find it easier and maybe even cheaper using an online system that will also produce your album. There are many out there; one I used and was happy with is ZNO. – user10216038 May 30 at 21:01

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