I am exploring Digikam, but I don't see a option to just 'view' my pictures from my hardrive witouth importing them all to my computer.

Is this so, or am I missing something?

(I am looking for a free alternative to bridge to view and select pictures)

Thanks very mucho in advance for any help, Anna

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I also did not found option to browse directories and view images in Digicam (w/o import).

If you search for alternative of Adobe Bridge you can try XnView MP which support the same list of operating systems as Digicam and its free for personal use. XnView also support RAW files (in some degree) so at least you can preview them.

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    Was interested by a possibly "slimmer" alternative to digikam Checking out the wiki xnview.com/wiki/… shows that XnView 'scans' your files and adds them to a database, ie automatically imports them to a catalogue.
    – dmkonlinux
    Feb 19 at 4:58
  • I know neither Digicam nor Lightroom/Bridge in depth, but I think XnView's cataloging is different from their importing. XnView can be used with its catalog deactivated to look at one's photos— like a Windows Explorer specialized for photos. The catalog speeds things up though, storing thumbnails, ratings, keywords, etc. For what the OP is asking (and beyond), XnView does seem like a very good choice.
    – KLE-France
    Feb 27 at 11:02
  • @KLE-France, I read in OP question: "free alternative to bridge to view and select pictures" and XnView cover perfectly those requirements. Feb 27 at 11:13

Digikam refers to itself as "photo management" software - it's really all about working with a collection rather than individual pictures.

The default editor in Digikam is "Showfoto", which can also be run separately without the Digikam database functions. It's not just a simple viewer - it's a pretty comprehensive editor - but it will allow you to open individual photos (or whole folders) without trying to create a database.

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